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Felt or Do Not Felt; There is No Try

Hah!  Three runs in the wash (1. added to normal laundry; 2. added to normal laundry with washing soda; 3. washed by itself on an aggressive cycle with washing soda–bing!) and I finally got this thing to felt nicely.

And now that I’m out of presents and upcoming babies and all that to knit for, I really ought to turn my attention back to beading.

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Green and More Green

Finished my little green bag!  Even managed a simple liner with a sew-on snap:

I think I had about six feet of yarn left when I was done.  As I’m big on stashbusting, that makes me very happy.

Now I’m working on a yoda hat for my sister-in-law’s baby (It’s a Boy!) due in November.  I couldn’t give a hang about Star Wars, but the parents are huge fans.  I’m using the Felted Yoda Baby Hat pattern available from Sunshyne Leland at Regretsy. Here are the pieces so far:

I’m a bit worried about felting it, as I’ve never felted anything before.  Well, not on purpose.  There was that intricate bamboo lace cowl I made for a friend’s Christmas present, which I chucked into the wash.  It came out looking very fuzzy and the leaf pattern I agonized over getting right barely showed anymore. I suppose I’ll try to get this one right.    Do or do not, there is no try.

Guess I like Star Wars a little.

Finally, this thing has been sitting in my drawer since I bought it at a thrift store five or six years ago:

The safety pins are holding together a rip I thought I could fix, but can not.  So I’ve been meaning to unravel the whole thing and make a nice, openwork floppy summer hat from the yarn, which is a swell fingering weight linen. Considering it’s been quite the heat wave these past few weeks, I wish I’d remembered this earlier in the year.  Perhaps I can get it done by fall?

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