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Take 2

I’ve been going along and going along on my sweater-to-hat, until my reservations about the shape came to a head (ugh, I know):

It looks like a fez!  I thought about a beautiful shell-stitched sun hat I saw in a book once and really wanted to revamp this to look like that.  If I knew which of the three dozen knitting books at Barnes & Noble I saw it in, I’d have bought it already, but alas I don’t.  The upside to this experiment is that I do like the offset shells and block pattern, and the size is working out, so it was relatively easy to figure out the math for my next attempt, which is this:

My only reservation now is the way the center lacks the weight and strength of the subsequent rounds, which have shell stitches.  I don’t know if that will be a problem when I get to the stage at which I can try it on.  Perhaps I can use spray starch when the time comes to shape it properly.

I don’t have any pictures, but I have been finishing up another seed bead bracelet.  I added “jewelry” to my checklist of things to do every day, and plan on sticking to it.  Maybe I will go on to sell the things I make and maybe I won’t, but I did make some commitment when I bought the supplies.  I can at least honor that much!




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