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Day 21: Tree!

Here it is, my latest finished tree of life, a lot like every other tree of life I’ve made:


Yeah, I’m getting a bit bored with these but I suppose I ought to realize that if I ever do take this jewelry-making to another level, production work is something I have to accept. So it was a good exercise in that regard.

A couple days ago I showed a few UFOs (unfinished objects) I had lying around; here are two more I neglected to post. The teardrop-shaped wire is going to be a sweet necklace someday, with one of these “turquoise” stones in the middle of it:

wireufo2And this . . . I don’t even know what to say about this, because I’m trying to do some wire wrapping similar to something I saw online years ago (somewhere!) but I have no idea how to secure an edging . . . and the back . . . how would I do the back? I’d like to work it out myself, but maybe I should find a tutorial somewhere, or buy one at one of those sites that sell you lessons. Might be worth it just to see what that’s like.


The stone is probably an aventurine donut. It was part of a corded necklace I got some years ago, which was starting to look really frayed, so I figured I could recycle it this way.

Here’s hoping the more UFOs I post here, the more likely I am to actually get them done! And here’s hoping I’ll finally get the mystery project done tonight so I can show it off tomorrow!

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Day 19: Makeover!

I started this blog two years ago as an attempt to organize my first serious attempts at making jewelry, since my old-school index card method just wasn’t cutting it. I kept it private for about a year and didn’t take too much trouble about the theme or appearance. Lately I’ve been feeling like I should pay more attention to these things–update the look a bit, add some widgets that would make it easier to find things (I hope–don’t want to overclutter the thing, either) and just pay more attention to the blogosphere in general.

So today’s project was to find a new theme, customize it a bit, et voila!  Hope you like it.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s yet another commissioned tree of life in progress:


Everybody’s got their own way of making these things. Once I’ve got the trunk done, I like to work around the piece, adding twists and beads to different areas without definitively finishing off any particular branch just yet. This allows me to keep making adjustments as the look of the piece changes.

You’ll note I’ve got three unused frames there. Each is a little imperfect in its own way–either awkwardly shaped or scuffed to the copper core somewhere–so I’m not using them for commissioned pieces. I do, however, want to use them for practice pendants. I’m thinking of trying out some abstract designs of wire scrollwork and beads . . . eventually. I wish I had time for every single thing that pops into my head!


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That’s a Wrap!

Finished my brass cuff yesterday.  The project–sans stone-bead flower centerpiece–is “Summertime Jaunt” by Arja Aalto-Vittala, published in the June-July 2011 issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry.

brasswirebraceletdoneThe bracelet was fairly straightforward, although there was a mistake in the directions about which way to bend the ends of the warps in the hook part which I didn’t realize until I’d done it (so the end of my hook curls under, not outward–but it’s o.k.) There are also a few awkward wraps here and there, and I definitely scuffed up the anti-tarnish finish everywhere. Still, I’m proud of the piece, and feel I’ve learned enough to move on to some projects in the book Weave, Wrap, Coil, which I’ve been itching to get to.  And yes, I’m moving on to copper.

I also decided to just finish up my tree of death with a little something I’ve been holding onto for years.

treeofdeathHa ha!  I’d like to do another one with teeny tiny skulls, if I can find some.  And, of course, one with a proper moon-like bead tangled in the branches.



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Got a request last week from the friend who bought some copper washer earrings from me a couple months ago.  She saw one of those ubiquitous “Tree of Life” pendants on Pinterest, and wanted to know if I could make her one.  Well, I’ve never done it, but I’ve always been intrigued, so why not?  I Googled some up, picked a few aspects I liked from various projects (most everyone who makes these puts their own spin on the idea) and made a few practice pieces with some silver plated craft wire.

firsttreesoflifeMy first attempt: peridot and garnet bead chips.


I never finished the one on the left; using only four thin wires (to make eight strands) just wasn’t enough, especially with the heavier beads I had in mind.  Speaking of those beads, let’s not.  I think I’m done with those cheap glass beads that have all the white powdery junk inside the holes that gets on everything.  But . . . that decision left me without any beads even remotely appropriate or good enough for a commissioned project, particularly in the fall colors my friend wanted.  So, off to Michael’s for some Labor Day sales!  Between their 50% off sale and a 20% off coupon (even for sale items–score!) I bought a lot more beads than I intended.  Well, that’s how they get you, as an elderly friend of mine likes to say. Here are two more trees I’m almost done with:

treeoflifechipsMalachite, tiger eye, goldstone, and a few random bits.

treeofautumnCzech glass beads, assorted. I’m going to wrap wire all around the frame.

I hope she likes one of the last two.  I’m also trying to make a bare-branch version with my dark brown craft wire; this will feature a stone “moon” tangled in the branches.  I was hoping to use a yellow cabochon in my stash, but alas it would be best to find a drilled bead instead, so it could be strung securely.  Eventually, if I can get my grubby little mitts on some teeny-tiny skull beads (any leads on where to find them, gentle reader?) I would like to make a tree of death, just to be a wiseass.  Red and black wire, a full moon, a bunch of grinning skulls.  Neat.

As if I haven’t been working with trees enough lately, I decided to make a twining trees square for a Oddball Square Knit Afghan (this, just days after deciding I would make a crochet square afghan.  I’m fickle, I guess.  Perhaps I’ll make both . . . concurrently . . . hmm . . .)

twiningtrees Remember Caron DazzleAire?  I do . . . and have one skein left.

The next square I make will probably be entrelac, since that is fresh in memory.  Not sure which yarn(s) to use . . . we’ll see.



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