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How Now Brown . . . Scarf

So I had two skeins of sport weight yarn I had no idea what to do with–too much for some projects, not enough for others, sick of scarves–so I searched around for an appropriate pattern and decided on the Cancun Boxy Lacy Top, a simple, shapeless affair made of two rectangles that would looks stunning on a skinny twelve-year-old, and absolutely no one else. I did most of the front rectangle, held it up, confirmed my skepticism, and made a second rectangle. I had an idea I’d just stitch them together on sort of an angle to make a diagonal, poncho-type thing, but in the end I didn’t have the energy for it and just seamed them together to make a–whoopee–scarf. It is a nice scarf, though.


And there’s enough yarn left over for a pair of ankle socks, which should get me through holiday car trips and the next knitting guild meeting. Honestly, I’m about done with fiber arts, or I will be when I’ve depleted my stash. I want to turn more attention to jewelry and plans for the new year.

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Scarf Break

Last time I talked about knitting, I believe I said I was done with socks for a while. So I made some scarves.

This is one is made of Noro Kureyon, a worsted weight yarn I ordered online some 3 or 4 years ago for a specific shawl. Well, it turned out not to be a good yarn for that pattern, so it sat around until I found the Directional Scarf from Lion Brand. And here it is!


Pretty sweet all-triangle entrelac, although it’s been so long since I’ve done one of these that I forgot to dump the long-tail cast on in favor of a make-as-you-go one (hell, I don’t even know what that’s called or where I put the printout.) Anyway, here’s one of the most irritating things about this yarn, its tendency to go from very thick to very thin:


And one more: this was a skein of homespun given to me last Christmas by my knitting buddy Kristi:


It’s a simple two-in-one half double crochet stitch from one of those old Harmony guides.

And now I’m back to socks. I’ve frogged these because they never quite fit, and this yarn was too damn expensive to waste like that.


So that’s that, blah blah, and soon I’ll have an awesome casting project to talk about. An awesome, awesome casting project.

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For the Knit & Crochet Curious

This is a crocheted dishcloth.


When handmade dishcloths got popular around the fiber community a couple years ago, I thought they were an absurd trend, a complete waste of time.  Then I started learning how to knit.  And you know what?  This is the perfect starter project for someone new to knitting–or crochet.  People get the idea that scarves are good to start with, but scarves can be repetitive, boring, and if you make mistakes (and you will) nobody will want to wear them.  But dishcloths are short and sweet.  You can make them out of inexpensive cotton (Sugar & Cream is a popular, easy-to-find choice), and if you screw up a row, who cares? You can still use them to wipe your dishes with; they do a great job at that, no matter how they look.  My dishcloths actually get more use than anything I’ve ever made by hand, and it’s a pleasure to do so.

This particular cloth is made from a few half-balls of cotton yarn in my stash; I’m still trying to get that down, and having bought more yarn at Stitches Midwest has me feeling a bit guilty.  But not to fear!  This cloth has given me a great idea, because it’s a small piece made from a bobble stitch pattern I’d never tried before, but enjoyed.  Why don’t I get to work on a sampler afghan with all my worsted weight acrylic scraps?  I could do all the stitch patterns in the Harmony Guide, except maybe the lacy ones, because I don’t want big holes in my blanket.  I can even work a few motifs I’ve favorited on Ravelry, but never did anything with!  The squares will be portable and easy to work on at knit night; meanwhile, I can save my real creative energy for making jewelry.

So that’s solved.  Also, I just finished my entrelac practice scarf, from cast-on to bind-off!


I always thought entrelac would be very difficult, but it isn’t really.  If you’ve learned enough knitting to be able to k2tog and ssk, you know enough to try this.  Of course, learning to knit backwards is helpful but not necessary. Just throwing that out there if anybody is as intimidated by entrelac as I was.  Don’t forget to cast on loosely, and good luck!

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My First Entrelac

So, I’ve had my eye on a certain pattern for three years now.  It’s pretty advanced, and involves knitting a lacy pattern in a diagonal basket weave sort of style called entrelac.  On top of that, it appears that the person who wrote the free pattern is adept at knitting back and forth, thus eliminating a lot of time-wasting work-turning, which this sort of thing involves.  Because I have to walk before I can run, I decided to try my hand at a basic garter-stitch entrelac pattern.  My first attempt took two hours at knit night and involved a lot of grumbling under my breath. (Really, I should bring easier patterns when I’m going to be sociable.)  Armed only with the written instructions found here, I came up with this promising but, alas, problematic swatch:



I got stuck here because, after making my foundation, I seemed to have the idea that when the instructions just say “purl, turn,” I should just purl 1 and turn (I should have purled 5, as 5 is the “magic number,” i.e., each rectangle is 5 stitches wide.  Of course, this pattern could be done with any number as the “magic number.”)  So I ripped that out and watched this helpful video.  Clearer on the concept, I tried again, with much better results:

entrelac2It looks like I should have cast on the stitches more loosely, or used a method other than long-tail, which can be a bit tight (for me, anyway).  I’m also not sure about whether the left edge is lining up correctly.  But–I need the practice, I have a lot of this cranberry Caron Simply Soft to stashbust, and it should make a nice enough scarf for winter.  Also–and this is what it’s all leading up to–I am going to Stitches Midwest with some of my knitting group next week!  I signed up for a mini-class in knitting without turning, and surely I can practice that with this piece once I really get to know what I’m doing.  And, if I can find a beautiful yarn with a lovely gradient effect in it, I may just be able to get underway on that shawl.  Finally!


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A Bit Early for the Christmas List . . . for Once

I finished this motif scarf and plan to give it to my young niece for Christmas this year:

MisformellieIt’s arranged into an M for the picture, because of a story about her that I love.  Her name is Mellie, but she rejects the M as her initial; she loves the letter O best.  I can relate to this, as Q was my favorite when I was about that age.  It’s funny how we attach to letters and numbers when they are new to us.  Colors, too.  I recall getting into big, stupid fights with another young family member when we were kindergarten age over who gets which color thing.  Sometimes I think of it when I look at a color–I mean, really look at it as if my eyes were fresh. (And speaking of color preferences, I wonder if this scarf will go over badly with Mellie because it only sparingly uses her current favorite, pink pink pink.)

So, anyway, I promised a reveal for a mystery project a few posts back, but I haven’t gotten far on it yet.  In fact, I messed up and need to start all over.  But this is (was!) the start of my first attempt:

IMG_2533I’ll be saving what I made of the wire so far for, perhaps, a basket of beaded flowers.  That might make a whimsical object.  As for an actual piece of jewelry, well, I’ll begin again today.

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Another Weekend

Spent the weekend out of town again, so finished up my Hawaiian yarn scarf in the car.  I actually frogged it and started over to make a skinny scarf, as it would have been quite short and cowl-like.  Cowls aren’t bad, but I have enough of them.  So that’s done.

lentescarfToday I started a stashbuster which I think might be a cute scarf for a little girl–say, my niece.  So, maybe this will turn out to be a Christmas present:

xmasrosescarfstartThe motif is Christmas Rose from the Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches. I think I’ll stick to the yellow surrounding various other colors, as I have a lot of it.

In truth I have little interest in making anything today.  I’m home again and it’s a sunny day.  The garden is doing all sorts of interesting things, I’m in the middle of a good book, and something about having had a couple days with family is a bit draining.



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Nothing But Net

Had a crochet day yesterday.  Finished this up.  Took a whole pack of beads, so it has a nice weight.

trellisdoneAnd what’s on my workbench?  Everything.  Nothing.  Random practice projects.



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