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Nope, didn’t get ‘er done in November.

nakniswemoprogressBUT, I have a really, really good excuse.  I had a commission!  One of the ladies who fought over my purple scarf at the charity auction a couple weeks ago (see last post) and lost, still wanted one.  So we made a deal, and I spent a couple of crochet days on that.  So, now I have some Christmas money in my pocket, hooray!

I should probably also admit that I got really bored with this sweater, and started working on a sparkly cowl.  I’m really big on cowls and need a new one for the winter, as I’m asthmatic and a runner and cold air really, really hurts the back of my throat.  Here’s the cowl so far, ready to be seamed:

sparklecowlprogressI’m really liking white these days, the way I used to gravitate towards black when I was younger.  It’s very flattering around the head and neck, and bounces light onto the face.  I have at least two other white scarf projects in mind for myself, one of which will be a very plain scarf and the other–if I choose to make it; still on the fence–is a cute, buttoned, Edwardian frilly thing.

In jewelry news . . . well, Christmas is coming and I need equipment!  So I’m putting together an online cart full of pliers and beads and wire and tools for my husband Santa to bring me. It’s crazy exciting.  And although I’m still educating myself on business matters, I’m just going to work on building my skills, having fun, and not worrying about what’s popular or marketable or whatever.  Not yet.  To that end, last night I took apart an awful necklace I got at a charity rummage sale for $2.  It had beautiful, shiny cut steel links held together in some crazy configuration with bits of chain and some awfully tough jump rings (I needed heavy-duty pliers to get them open!)  I’m going to wire-wrap them together in some interesting way to make a necklace:



I’ve already learned that a vise would be a very useful thing to have right now.  It’s hard to control the end of your wire–which really seems to bob around looking for an eyeball to take out–and hold links together at the same time.  But I’m having fun.



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