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Crochet Motif Earrings

I started playing around with the idea of earrings made of crochet motifs a couple months ago.  I’ve been experimenting with tatting thread, metallic embroidery thread, seed beads, and one very fine hook.  The most successful pair so far is this one:

Pretty, but I’m not crazy about the weight, or lack thereof.  Perhaps they’d work better in conjunction with larger, dangling glass beads? I’ll see if that works with some of these:

And these, which have a special problem all their own: they won’t lay flat:

I might look into setting these with glass cabochons and resin and using them as pendants, or else work them into some kind of heavier frame.

Actually this whole idea has gone depressing:  it’s slow, tedious, probably won’t be cost-effective to keep making, and just isn’t turning out as I hoped.  But . . . I know how it goes.  That’s all part of the process and I should get used to it.  And if nothing else, I’ve decided one thing for sure:  I have GOT to work on making a light-box for photographing jewelry, and learning how to use a better camera, because what I’m doing isn’t going to cut it. These pictures aren’t doing anything justice!

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