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Moon and Stars Pendant: Part III (Mock-Up Complete)

When it became clear a couple weeks ago that this pendant would not be a success, I set it aside to work on other things.  I was also waiting until I could buy a riveting hammer; well, that arrived the other day.  So, let’s carry it to completion AND get a little riveting practice in, shall we?

moonstarsrivetedWhew, what a mess.  But also, what a relief to just work on something and not be afraid of screwing it up, because it already is.

So, riveting was much harder than I anticipated without one of those insanely expensive little jig thingies they have at the lab, which holds your wire or tube securely while you cut off a teeny bit for a rivet, or else sand down the end of said rivet evenly.  Try doing all that just by holding the stupid thing with your fingers–it’s nearly impossible to get right.  This depresses me, because the economy model is a whopping $57.  Perhaps I can find some sort of homemade alternative or hardware store item . . . maybe the small vice I have in the basement will do, if I can pad the metal to keep from wrecking it. if not, any riveting I do will have to be limited to class time for now.


No kidding.

I still like the pendant’s design and want to try again.  We never did get to etching, so I’m not sure how I’m going to detail the moon’s facial features.  I also need to find a way to really, really make a good impression of stars on the copper piece, and get better at filing a good, circular shape.  I WILL do this!

Here’s a recap of what I did here, in reverse chronological order:


moonstars2Paper template and sandpaper for rolling mill impression

moonstars1Inspiration from the scrap heap (hmm . . . I should just put those together . . . )



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Insert Egg Pun Here

So, I’ve been saving this egg in the fridge for maybe two months, in anticipation of an oxidizing experiment.  Today was the day I boiled that sucker up.

egg1And here he is, ready to be crushed and laid into a plastic bag with some silver and copper pieces. (Photo also includes my sketchbook, because I’ve been writing down/sketching ideas lately, and a Halloween hat in progress.  Why?  Because I’m too lazy to talk about all those things separately.  So nyah.)

I’ve been told the process can take a few hours, but here’s what I got after about thirty minutes.  DIG the darkness of the pinky ring in there!



I think I”m most happy with the color I got on my wonky aventurine pendant.  It really brings out the stamped design, and makes the whole thing look . . . well, more battered from age than incompetence:

egg3What can I say?  Egg-cellent.

The copper is still in the bag, two hours later.  The oxidation seems a bit patchy; I should have thought to clean the pieces first.  I’m trying to bring out the star pattern from the moon and stars pendant (no, I didn’t forget about that.)  It looked really great when I first made the copper piece:


But over the weeks since then, it’s faded quite a bit.  I tried shining it up with some steel wool, and I think that actually dulled the relief pattern even more.  Last week I tried making a new one with some 28 gauge copper sheet (this is 24, I believe) thinking that the pattern would probably squeeze harder on a thinner metal, but no dice.  I’ve read that you’re supposed to anneal copper before you roll it, so perhaps that would help.  This may sound silly, but annealed copper kind of grosses me out, like nails on a chalkboard. There’s something very nervy about touching it. Well, I won’t be going for extra lab hours this week, but maybe the week after, I’ll give it a go.  I also want to try making red-ball headpins out of copper wire!



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Moon & Stars Pendant: Part II

Got the sawing done–one piece of 24 gauge copper and one piece of 24 gauge jeweler’s bronze. Both are going to need some careful filing to get them nice, but I’m moving along.  I hope that after learning about etching, I’ll be able to detail the moon’s face.


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Moon & Stars Pendant: Part I

I had this idea that, instead of just farting around with the equipment all the time, I’d come up with an idea and see it through start-to-finish.  I became inspired by the look of these two scrap pieces together:moonstars1I thought the brass part looked like a quarter moon, so I made up a paper template with a classic moon profile for the brass cutout.  I also ran to the hobby store to find a hole punch in the shape of a star, because I think the copper part would look cool as a field of stars (maybe patina that a dark color, and polish up the stars to stand out).  So this is what I have so far:

moonstars2If I have time tonight in class, I’ll run that through the mill.  We’ve got a bracelet project to do tonight, plus I’m going to make a hammered silver ring for a friend (a paying friend!) and some post earrings for my mom for Mother’s Day, if possible.  I’ll update as the project goes along.



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