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So That’s How You Do It!

I promised my friend a mala bracelet . . . oh . . . it was a while ago.  It’s the holiday season now and I’m going to see her for a coffee date, so I decided it was time to get on this.  Not to mention, I now have a great stockpile of stone beads, “power bracelet ends,” spacers, and elastic cords.  So let’s get cracking!  My first idea was a little blah:


My husband suggested silver spacers, which I agreed looked better (even though I really wanted to do something different. Sometimes things are classic for a reason.)  He also agreed that a couple of green aventurine beads would look sharp next to the focal:

rosiesmalacrochethookNow the real problem:  what kind of three-holed end bead to use (I don’t have any red aventurine, but this red jasper seemed nice) and how the $%^# do you get the elastic ends through there, anyhow?  I’ve managed before, but this particular bead seemed impossible due to the way it was drilled.  This was also my first time using thicker jelly cord (so strong!) and it just would not go.  The answer was just too obvious:  use a crochet hook.  I dug out my size 14, passed the ends through as you see in the picture, and managed to grab them both up through the end hole with the hook.  Nice!  Except . . .I don’t think that red end was really working.  So, once again, green aventurine to the rescue.

rosiesmalaThere we go.  I made a tassel with some cotton embroidery floss, managed to get it onto the elastic, pulled tight and made knots and more knots (all hidden in the tubular end), cemented the thing with some hypo cement, and trimmed the ends.  This was a fun lesson in patience, and I’m really pleased with how it came out.  Hope it was worth the wait!

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