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And Now, a Brief Foray into Macrame

macbraceletprogressA bit of time, a bit of concentration, and you can make the easy DIY macrame bracelet from HonestlyWTF.  After spending last night on a couple of wire projects that didn’t quite satisfy–I’ll get to that another day–I felt like doing something a little easier.  This only took an hour or so to whip up.

macbirdiefinishedThe birdie link, if you’re interested in getting one, is made by Tierra Cast (in the USA!) Google them up; their findings are quite common at jewelry supply sites and stores.

I pretty much followed directions, except I “glued” my ends with nail polish (I didn’t fuse them with a lighter, for the love of . . . ) And if I had to do this again, I’d probably use a real clasp instead of having dangly ends that can sometimes be an annoyance to wear.  (Hint:  if you do the dangly ends, put some relatively heavy beads on them before making the knots; then they’ll hang instead of sticking out to the sides.) Actually, I bet if someone used a really cute S clasp for the focal, that would be an ideal solution.  Perhaps I will make another . . . with one of the S clasps I made in class the other night. I could just make a loop on one end, and there you go.

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There’s a Catch

I finally finished up the macrame bead necklace I’ve been picking at off and on for the past two weeks (“Red Seed Bead Spiral Necklace” in Mod Knots by Cathi Milligan), but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for a clasp.  I have a few cheap (cheap-looking) old clasps in my stash, but since the book contained simple directions for making one’s own, I decided to try it.  My practice session with some “copper” colored aluminum craft wire was disastrous but a hell of a lot of fun:

Obviously, too much hammering and bending causes the “copper” coating to peel/flake off.  It doesn’t do much for the looks of the piece either!  I futzed with a handful more bits of wire in various shapes (not pictured) and decided I really, really like working with wire and want to do more of it.  I’m not ready to waste any silver or copper though (I can’t even think of gold right now).  Perhaps some plain aluminum in the interim–if I can find any.

At the last minute, I remembered some wire I, ah, borrowed from my parents’ basement many years ago.  It’s copper with a red coating and probably was meant for some electrical use back in the day.  Good thing it matches the red nylon cord I used really well:

I hammered both sides of the clasp gently to work-harden them, knotted them on, and secured my knots with trusty old clear nail polish.  After it dried, I wove in all the ends (there were six!) as best I could into the necklace and trimmed them.  So!  Not a bad training project at all.

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