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Ah, found my progress shot. This is the mess I’m talking about when it comes to making even the simplest of beaded projects:

In other headaches, I’ve decided to extend the purple beaded crochet spiral I made last spring (and never finished) into a lariat-style necklace (with some sort of tassel ends as yet to be determined.)  It’s getting heavy though, which I hadn’t anticipated.  And slippery! Every time I drop it (often), at least a dozen stitches pull out.  I may need to devise some kind of holder for it, or at least stack up some books on my work table so it doesn’t have far to fall.

And in knitting, a friend in my knit group suggested we participate in November’s NaKniSweMo–one of those monthly goal things, this one being National Knit a Sweater Month.  I’m game.  As I mentioned before when I finished the pink sweater, I want to do another one without the knot pattern, and with a v-neck.  So I looked in my stash and realized I was one skein short with the yarn I wanted to use, and none of the local craft stores sell it anymore.  Fortunately, I arranged to buy a skein from a nice girl at Ravelry, so I guess the project will be on soon!  I’m also sitting on a buy $10 of stuff, get $5 free coupon from Michael’s.  I have had my eye on some sparkly Vanna White yarn.  Silly, I know, but it’s sport weight and perfect for a certain crochet sweater I bought the pattern for and haven’t made yet.

And all this time, I am making a godawful primary colored afghan (not pictured, thank your lucky stars) just to use up my bright acrylic yarns.  Actually, I like it quite well.  I grew up on classic Sesame Street so I’ve got a bit of a psychedelic art streak in me.


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Lucky Kitteh!

This giant ceramic “lucky cat” bead has been sitting on my desk for a while, a benevolent mascot smiling away as I fumble with bead project after bead project.  Finally, I figured out what to do with him.

The cat is so fat, I made the necklace extra-long so he wouldn’t just sit like a lump on my chest.

The pattern is Tassel Necklace by Juana Jelen (Bead & Button, August 2002 (no, I don’t throw away old magazines!), slightly modified.  I used Fireline instead of beading wire, with fringe beads at the ends of the strands.  I don’t know if any of that was a wise decision, but we’ll see how it holds up.

I had a progress shot of this necklace, with my table full of beads and strands and tools, but somehow it never got uploaded and I deleted it from my camera before I realized.  I wanted to show all that mess because I think it’s interesting that a lot of people believe that beading is somehow very simple work.  Hell, sometimes I believe it–until I try something like this!  The time and patience it takes, especially fiddly bits like knots and clasps, can be daunting.  I so admire people who do these kinds of projects more often than I do.

Coming soon:  my husband is looking for a new project to do.  Once again, I’ve hounded asked him to build me a light box so I can take decent pictures of jewelry. He’s considering it now. Fingers crossed, I’ll get my wish!



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