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And there was light (box)

As promised, my husband went to the hardware store, picked up some 1/2 inch PVC pipe and eight “elbow” connectors, and made the beginnings of my light box so that I can–with any luck–photograph jewelry better:

The pipes were cut to one and a half feet, which seems a good length.  Now I need to rummage through my old stash of art paper to see what works best for covering the top and sides.

In other projects, I’ve been slowly working on a purple beaded crochet spiral lariat.  I’ve seen holders for this kind of work around the internet and may try to devise something for myself to make it easier.  In knitting, I’m still working on my awful primary color stashbuster blanket.  Ooh, and speaking of stashbusters, I’m totally making this clock edger with my scraps.  I have just the wall clock, too.  The plastic edge is missing a chunk around the eight since it fell off the wall once.  This will hide it perfectly.

And one more thing:  I’m finally going to venture into colorwork/stranded knitting.  I need to make more cowls to cover my mouth when I go running this fall; cold air is not a friend to asthmatics.  I figured this would be a perfect time to finally try out the very charts I learned knitting for two years ago:  space invaders.  More on that as I get it going.


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