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He Skirt, She Skirt, Christmas Tree Skirt

That’s a pretty dopey title, but (1) I did make a skirt of sorts this month, and (2) any excuse to use this awesome 60s fashion photo is all right by me:

He-SkirtHe Skirt by Dorcus

And while we’re at it, let’s throw in a little Jacques DuTronc!

Okay now. My project, based on the Retro Ripples Skirt in a 2009 issue of Crochet Today, is a miniskirt for my 4ft. Christmas tree.


It’s “mini” because I started with fewer stitches (73, although I think 83 would have been perfect) and made fewer rounds than the pattern called for. I also changed it up a bit by making it almost entirely white (on Ravelry, though, there are some real stunners with lots of stripes for a truly retro look.) My goal was to use up a ton of old sport weight acrylic my mom gave me years ago, and I succeeded in that by using a double length throughout. I also got rid of a bit of very old green and red worsted weight Red Heart, so I’m happy. And I like to make at least one holiday thing every year if possible, so that’s done.


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Crochet Mini Lights! With free pattern!

As the deadline to turn in our holiday wreath for charity auction looms, my knitting group is trying to finish up our assigned components. As I mentioned, I was to do a string of lights, which I couldn’t find a suitable pattern for. (By suitable, I mean small bulbs.) I kinda scratched up a pattern, made a bunch of bulbs in four colors, and strung them up (perhaps temporarily; Tuesday we’re going to get together and I’ll see if they would look better spaced differently.)  Here’s what I’ve got now:


If anyone would like to make these, here’s how it goes.

Mini Crocheted Holiday Lights

You will need:  scrap yarn in at least four colors, plus the “hardware” color; size E or F crochet hook, whichever gets you a tight gauge; fiberfill or polyfill; darning needle; stitch marker recommended

Note: for neat decreases, only work through the front loop of each stitch (look up “invisible decrease” if you need more guidance)


With bulb color, make magic ring

Make 5 sc in ring

2 sc in each sc around; place marker (at end of this and every round, unless you’re less easily distracted than I am); (10)

1 sc in each sc around (10)

1 sc in each sc around (10)

Increase (2 sc in sc, 1 sc in next sc) around; (15)

1 sc in each sc around (15)

1 sc in each sc around (15)

Decrease (2 sc tog, 1 sc in next) around (10, but don’t finish off last stitch; leave two loops on hook for neater color change)

Switch to hardware color and finish that last stitch with it

1 sc in each sc around (10)

1 sc in each sc around (10)

Stop ‘n’ stuff with fiberfill

Decrease (2 sc tog, 1 sc in next) around; one sc will be left over

Work last sc with first sc together as a slip stitch. Slip stitch the next two as well, and then put your hook through a stitch across the gap and slip it to close the bulb (no need to get all precise about it, as long as it closes neatly.)

With hardware color, *ch 8. Sl st through top of bulb to attach. Repeat from * to end.


This pattern is free for you to do with what you wish, except sell it. Actually, if you can get people to give you money for it, we should get in touch because I could probably use the business advice.

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