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The Hat to End All Hats (for a while)

A friend of a friend got me to make this for her two-year-old.

eebee1I thought it would be a quick and easy project, but (duh) it was fussier than I anticipated, what with all the sewings-on of the facial features and the purple thingies.  Also, I had no pattern, but had to work off a photograph.  And, I had to buy yarn for it.  But, it’s over now, and it’s kind of cute in a crazy way.  After this, I have one last chemo cap to finish knitting, and that’ll be it for hats for a while.  I’m finally going to get around to making a shawl with the three skeins of Noro Kureyon I bought . .  jeez . . . last year with a Christmas gift certificate.

More importantly, I can concentrate on jewelry again!  Class starts next week, and I have to figure out what I might like to work on and do some prep work if I can.  Yay!


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Fringe. Lots and lots of fringe.

So I get a message Thursday from one of my knitting friends with a link to a certain free hat pattern.  She asked if I could I make it by Sunday, the day of her Halloween 10K.  The pattern is a Crochet Unicorn Hat, complete with horn and rainbow mane.  Oh, man.  Who could resist THAT?


Payment for this:  several instances of mac & cheese at Panera.  Yes I’m serious.

As it was a quick pattern, I made it in time to spare.  Actually, only the mane was tedious, but I’d just had plenty of practice with fringe.  Remember my viking helmet of a month or so ago?  I finally got around to making the beard.  And so, a rare picture of me being an idiot.

vikinghatandbeardBy which I mean the picture is rare, not my idiocy.

There may be one more instance of Halloween insanity on the way, so stay tuned.

Edit/update/shameless plug:  If you’d like to see the unicorn hat in action, or just check out a new knitting podcast by my friends Sarah and Kristi, have a look at this video of Episode 3 of In a sKnit. (Prancing at the finish line occurs at the very end of the video.)

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Nothing Much

On Monday, I made a pendant in class, but I don’t think I’ll be posting a picture on the off chance that the person who I’m giving it to for Christmas might see it.  Let’s just say it’s yet another cabochon bezel set onto a flat piece of silver with some stamping on it.  Boy, I’m getting tired of that.  Learned a good trick for getting the stone in when it turns out the bezel is just too slightly small: put a dowel on the stone and tap it with a mallet.  Do this on a wooden surface; the wood is likely to give before the stone breaks, and don’t try this with a soft stone like an opal or something.

The other thing I did in class was to anneal my brass anticlastic cuff (making it even more coppery; a superpickle solution would get it back to yellow) and whang it some more on the plastic shaping doohickey.  I whanged it against a ring mandrel, too, to even out a few spots.  An interesting trick, but you have to pay attention to where on the mandrel you’re doing it, to keep it consistent.  In the end, I got this:

anticlasticpractice1Not bad, but a touch too small for me to actually wear comfortably.  I thought a six-inch piece would be too large; perhaps I should have considered how the shape would affect size.  Anyway, I hate to keep buying stuff, but if I can get my hands on some 18 gauge brass, I’d love to try this again and make a really good one.

I haven’t worked on much jewelry at home, except for a beaded crochet spiral I started last year but has become repetitive and tiresome.  Beautiful, though.  I thought I had a picture of it, but I don’t.  It’s going to be a lariat-type necklace, with a loose knot in it, and something interesting on the ends, if I can figure out what.

And finally, I’ve made enough progress on my mystery hat that you can see what it’s going to be!



You’ve haven’t seen the piece de resistance yet, though.  It’s gonna be great.


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Half-Finished Projects a-Go-Go

I’ve been having this feeling that I need to sit down at my beading desk more often and make some basic things again.  Get in the habit, deal with the frustration(s), design new projects, use up old beads.  So today I got busy with some beautiful glass beads I bought from a local bead store last year:

glassbeadsandwireThe beads have a sort of odd fire polish to them, with a smudgy blue around the ends.  Unfortunately I don’t know what to do next; I’d like to make a neck chain but don’t have enough.  I’m weighing some options with spacers or other beads or wire work, so no worries.  I’ll get it eventually.

This week I also started a project idea I sketched up some time ago, involving a broken heart:

brokenheart1My original idea was to punch holes all around the heart and wire it up to the frame; I also wanted to “mend” the heart with some dark wire stitches.  Now I’m not sure.  Maybe I should just solder the heart to something.  It’s copper, by the way.  I stuck it in the oven hoping to turn it red, but it got sort of dull silver, with a bit of red around the edges.  What is it with me and copper lately?  I can’t get it red again.

Finally, my Halloween hat.  It’s not exactly taking shape yet, but I’ve made good progress on all the pieces.




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Well, It’s Certainly Cold Enough For It . . .

My husband has the flu this week.  I’ve been spending a lot of time sitting around the front room watching Futurama DVDs (Zoidberg knits!)  with him and working on this tam from the Stitch n Bitch Superstar Knitting book.

greteltam1It required me to learn the tubular cast on, which wasn’t tough but tricky, and makes a neat, stretchy edge.  The hat is a bit too large; I’m considering trying to felt it down a bit.  I’d lose a lot of the pattern definition if I did that, though.  As it is, I feel like Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company when I wear it.


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Take 2

I’ve been going along and going along on my sweater-to-hat, until my reservations about the shape came to a head (ugh, I know):

It looks like a fez!  I thought about a beautiful shell-stitched sun hat I saw in a book once and really wanted to revamp this to look like that.  If I knew which of the three dozen knitting books at Barnes & Noble I saw it in, I’d have bought it already, but alas I don’t.  The upside to this experiment is that I do like the offset shells and block pattern, and the size is working out, so it was relatively easy to figure out the math for my next attempt, which is this:

My only reservation now is the way the center lacks the weight and strength of the subsequent rounds, which have shell stitches.  I don’t know if that will be a problem when I get to the stage at which I can try it on.  Perhaps I can use spray starch when the time comes to shape it properly.

I don’t have any pictures, but I have been finishing up another seed bead bracelet.  I added “jewelry” to my checklist of things to do every day, and plan on sticking to it.  Maybe I will go on to sell the things I make and maybe I won’t, but I did make some commitment when I bought the supplies.  I can at least honor that much!




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Completing the Circle

Well, I said I’d get back to work on jewelry, and so I have.  I’d been avoiding the join part of these beaded crochet bracelets for months, and today I sat down with the instructions and a bit of patience.

That giant magnifying lamp to the right, by the way?  My favorite tool ever.  Eyestrain is not my friend, but this lamp is!  I may crochet a dust cover for the lens in the near future.  Maybe I’ll use the leftover green from my yoda hat, and felt it!

But I digress.  I finished two, and that blue size 8 bead tube in the middle there is going to need some cones and a clasp, as soon as I pick out something good from my stash.

One more thing in the works:  I’ve taken apart the sweater I mentioned last time.  This does seem a shame, as some kid or lady in India or China probably spent hours stitching it and made fifty cents for his/her trouble, but it was truly in unwearable condition.  I started making the crown of the hat just to see how well this yarn works up.  Well, it doesn’t work up very well.  The yarn is, of course, all crinkled up.  It’s also very fine and brittle and the four plies are all at odds with each other.  I’ll probably have to use the stained part eventually, which means maybe I’ll end up dyeing the whole thing with coffee or tea for a nice taupe color. And, since nobody on Ravelry seems crazy enough to make a sun hat with anything but sport or worsted weight yarn, I’m on my own for a pattern.  Eh, I like a challenge.

Other projects on the proverbial backburner (you can ignore this part–it’s more of a note-to-self):

  • tassel necklace with lucky cat focal bead
  • mala bracelets with guru beads (what on earth cord can get through those tiny holes?!)
  • stashbusting blue blanket–find a pattern online
  • Gretel tam from the SnB book
  • finish that neckline on the Tulip Top (that’s a nice, portable knit night project)
  • extend shiny purple beaded crochet spiral (made back in April) into a lariat-style necklace
  • kitty-shaped pillow in taupe and gray stash yarn (use leftover bit of foam inside, too!)
  • Hermione socks with purple yarn from Kristi

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