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Flash Your Stash 2014

Well, I had a cold on New Year’s Eve, so what better thing to do all afternoon than clean closets?  ANYTHING, as it turned out, would have been better, because cleaning closets kicks up a lot of dust mites, my number one allergen, which only made my nose unhappier than it already was.  But enough complaining–it’s a new year!  And the new year brings new resolutions, or at least some contemplation of how well I kept last year’s.  Last year was all about stashbusting.  Here was my yarn stash last January:

stashflashAnd here it was last night, all taken down from closet shelves and pulled out of storage ottomans:

stash2014It appears I’ve made a dent.  I’ve got three WIPs up top, the stuff I bought at Stitches Midwest just below, some random leftover wool/wool blends under that, and then all my junk acrylic.  I’m thinking I’ll never bother with crochet thread again (lower right); maybe I should donate it somewhere. Then again, the second I get rid of something, I find a project that requires a small amount of it, so I have to buy more (cough) the purple skein top right (cough).

Just for fun, here’s the chaos this photo required.

stash20142And here’s everything neatly organized and stored away for another year.

stash201432014 is going to be less about getting rid of yarn, and more about doing the projects I really want to do, with the yarn I really want to use.  It’ll be more about long, complicated projects than short, random, easy ones.  Mostly, though, it’s going to be making jewelry.  There are at least three books on that shelf above about craft business; it’s time to read and learn.  No, it’s time to make time to read and learn.  And practice.  And keep taking classes.  I am almost–almost–as excited about this as Lao is about wool.


I may have to re-think my intention to make wool socks.


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