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Season’s Greetings!

Well, my husband is sick and family Christmas time is postponed, so here I am blogging about some little gifts I made for my niece and nephew, respectively.


I think this will fit a six-year-old. Well, I hope so. I made this with a super cheap and crappy set of alphabet stamps I got from a big box craft store with a 50% off coupon, so they were like 8 bucks. Mind you, a good set could run at least 75 dollars or more. I’m not terribly happy with them, but I knew what I was getting into, and they’ll be good for marking things and experimenting, anyway.


My nephew is into sea creatures these days, so I dug around in my Ravelry favorites until I spotted this sweet Little Blue Lobster pattern. I’d have liked to use blue yarn, but I actually don’t have any since I’ve been working on a scrapghan. Fortunately, I did have just the right amount of scrap bulky red with a charming fleck in it–and ah, sadness, I think I got it from my knit night friend who has just moved away as her husband has a new job in Chicago. So he turned out super cute and the pattern was easy, fast, and enjoyable.

And just because I’m too lazy to write a separate post:


Here’s a bracelet I (finally) just finished up. I don’t think I ever talked about it or took progress shots, but I’ve been working on that box clasp since last fall. Actually, I finished that a while ago. I found it easier and more enjoyable than stringing up beads and putting crimps on (I don’t even know how I got the tongue end of the clasp on backwards, but I did on my first attempt.) I might get those little c-shaped crimp covers you put over them and squeeze down with pliers, but we’ll see. Anyway, I’ve had those red creek jasper beads for nearly two years now and I’m glad I finally did this–and I have four beads to spare, so there might be some fun with them in the coming year.

And so it’s not been the best year, but it’s been a creative one, and I can’t complain. See you in January!

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Happy Halloween

Well, just as I was getting all into my wax ring models, I realized I had to get down to business on my Halloween costume before a community trick or treat event  on 10/21 that I volunteered for. The good news: I had it half-done. Sort of. Remember this crazybusiness?


I made that a good three years ago and never got around to the rest of it. So, thanks to my buddy Pinterest, I found a diagram and some basic–really, really basic–instructions for making a Viking coat. The bad news: this was written for someone who knows their way around a sewing machine, and while that kinda-sorta was me years ago, I’d forgotten it all. Actually, that’s not quite right. The sewing machine is the easy part. The measuring, the cutting, the pinning, the marking, the ironing, the seaming . . . so many steps with their own little quirks.

helpI did have help, though.

It all took more time than I anticipated, and though it’s got an amateur-hour quality to it, I got it done with no major problems. The only real alteration I made was to shorten the coat to a tunic (and not cut the front open); if I were to do this over next year with better fabric (yeah, right) I’d make it just a bit longer, because I forgot that actually having a, you know, body tends to make tunics shorter than you think.


Accessories weren’t difficult: I got a belt from the thrift store, a ring featuring a skull with a giant axe through it from Six Flags Great America a billion years ago, my husband’s gray sweat pants, furry slipper-boots from the Kmart that’s going out of business in our town, and as for a weapon . . .

lilmjolnirOh, Li’l Mjolnir!

My riveting hammer just didn’t seem mighty enough. The fly-by-night Halloween store in my neighborhood had a Marvel licensed Thor hammer, but it was 20 bucks so I said screw that and bought a giant plastic broadsword for 10 bucks instead.


My favorite comment of the evening was probably from the kid who was all, “I know what–who–I know what that is! It’s like from the dragon–How to Tame Your Dragon movie.” And my least favorite was probably from the boy who grabbed my hem and was all, “Is this a dress?” Hands off, kid.

As for sewing, I can’t tell if I never want to do it again or if I want to look through some old patterns I have and get busy on something else! Truth is, this isn’t the time to get involved, and by the time it is, I’ll have lost interest, so farewell again, my sewing hobby.

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With the Lights Out it’s Less Dangerous


Here’s something I finished recently. I crocheted this mini afghan on a car trip because I’ve been thinking that knitting in the passenger seat is probably dangerous in case of an accident and all. Don’t know if a hook is much better than a bunch of pointy sticks, but I suppose there’d be less chance of airbag trouble.

Anyway, most of knitting group was a bit too young to get what I was doing here. (That’s ok; I have absolutely no idea why that stupidass Full House reunion was such a big deal to them.) If you were of A Certain Age in 1991, there’s a special place in your Nostalgia Sack for this.

Also, you can’t beat a good pun like Kurt Crochetin.’


(I have no idea if this is Photoshopped or not. But probably.)

Coming soon: a project for the State Fair. Which I have to finish soon. Oh God why did I agree to this.

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Bootie bootie bootie hey


Behold my latest pair of Simple Baby Booties, this time for a sort-of-coworker-in-the-main-office who just had a baby boy.  It’s a super easy and adorable pattern, and the only real mistake I made was to pop these off in the mail before making sure I had a good picture, so sorry about that.

In other news, I am borderline sick with whatever sinus-y malady that has kept my husband in bed for the past two weeks, and not up to much of anything, although I may go knit on the couch now. I hope to have some jewelry to show soon, because I dragged my headache-y self to class a couple nights ago and nearly finished up a bracelet, and cast a clump of rings.

Jeez I wish I felt better.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend.

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Here Come the Droids


I’ve been working on these two for a while. They’re BB8 and R2D2 from . . . well, you know what they’re from, and if you don’t, I envy the rock you live under because I’m not really a fan. But my knitting, non-crocheting friend Sarah is, and so is her daughter, who calls R2D2 “Arty Dooty.” Who can resist that story? And so I have made these for her at Sarah’s request.

The pattern is here. It’s fairly straightforward, but with a lot of detail work (i.e. embroidery and Sewing Stuff On). The results are pretty stinkin’ cute though.

Hmm . . . wonder if I have a bead in my stash I could use for R2’s little red light?

UPDATE 3/5/16: Finished a second set! I liked it better this time around. Also paid more attention to getting the details stitched on right. Hope my sister-in-law likes them.

Actually, I just hope her dogs don’t eat them.


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Scarf Break

Last time I talked about knitting, I believe I said I was done with socks for a while. So I made some scarves.

This is one is made of Noro Kureyon, a worsted weight yarn I ordered online some 3 or 4 years ago for a specific shawl. Well, it turned out not to be a good yarn for that pattern, so it sat around until I found the Directional Scarf from Lion Brand. And here it is!


Pretty sweet all-triangle entrelac, although it’s been so long since I’ve done one of these that I forgot to dump the long-tail cast on in favor of a make-as-you-go one (hell, I don’t even know what that’s called or where I put the printout.) Anyway, here’s one of the most irritating things about this yarn, its tendency to go from very thick to very thin:


And one more: this was a skein of homespun given to me last Christmas by my knitting buddy Kristi:


It’s a simple two-in-one half double crochet stitch from one of those old Harmony guides.

And now I’m back to socks. I’ve frogged these because they never quite fit, and this yarn was too damn expensive to waste like that.


So that’s that, blah blah, and soon I’ll have an awesome casting project to talk about. An awesome, awesome casting project.

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Well, my niece just had her baby, a little girl named Evelyn Anne. I’d been working on-and-off on a sweater for her in a six-months size (approximately) and decided I’d better get it done because it seems a touch small and I’m terrible at baby sizes anyway. Because I still have a lot of Red Heart Unforgettable yarn left, I also threw in a pair of booties in my favorite go-to bootie pattern, Simple Baby Booties by Jessica Felton:


technobootiesIt’s all sort of crazy but she’s a cute baby and I think she could pull off such a vibrant colorway.

In other news, I’ve taken up drawing/sketching/designing again after at least six years of not really doing that at all. Mostly I’m just interested in playing around with color and pattern ideas, and getting into a mindset where I can design my own jewelry instead of picking up a little of this and a little of that from things on Pinterest. I’m not doing anything great (which is beside the point, really) but the cat sure is interested in hanging around.

sketchingwithlaoThis is what you do instead of feeding me?

Other than that, I’ve been making it a point to sit down at my jewelry bench every day. I’m making some rivets and also experimenting with my tube-cutting jig, which makes 45 and 60 degree cuts. Hmm. I found three old silver rings I bought in the 90s; they were always a bit too big and I used to wrap rubber bands around them to keep them on. I cut out a segment of each band and will be soldering them together again–because I can now, and why not get the practice? Otherwise, I’m tempted to just melt them down. They do appear to be solid sterling, but it is true that you never can tell if something you got at the mall or a street fair truly is, so maybe it’s best not to add that metal to any casting I’m about to do.

Cuttlefish casting tonight! I’ve got a pattern all made up, a nice simple one. Let’s hope I’m not total crap at carving, which was never my strong suit.


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