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So, riveting practice.  I cannibalized what was left of my copper disc earrings from last year (I re-used the silver parts for other earrings last month) and made what looked like little piles of cookies. Stamped some “chips” in there, highlighted them with Sharpie, polished and waxed and added hooks.  They’re not great, but they were fun and maybe show a bit more personality than what I had originally.

cookie earrings



In other news, I finished an entrelac cowl I made with my Red Heart Unforgettable yarn.

entrelaccowlI think the pink in there is a little too intense for me, but I did like the way the color changed across the greens and blues. Now that I am practiced up again, I’m ready to tackle the shawl I keep saying I’m going to tackle but never do.  I should get it cast on some time this week, though.

And one more:  a mystery project!  What in the heck is this thing, I wonder?

zoidmysteryFind out soon!



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I finished this.

rufflecowlIt’s cute, and warm, but it’s a bit much for me.  Perhaps I’ll sell it.  I’ve been thinking of modifications I could make if I do this pattern again, though.  Maybe turn all the ruffles into subtle, shorter, waves.


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Holiday Wrap Up

The holiday season is good and done.  I’d have checked in sooner but I had a nasty New Year’s flu.  As promised, here’s the finished barn for my niece.

barnexterior barninteriorShe also received a box of horses for Christmas, and she’s raring to go.

I don’t have much in progress right now.  I did start an interesting bit of neckwear in the car on my holiday travels, though.  This pattern from an older issue of Interweave Crochet is pretty frilly, much more frou-frou than I usually like, but I felt like trying something different. I have a long, wool, burgundy coat this might look good with . . . in a Prince and the Revolution circa 1984 kinda way.



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Catching Up

I did finish the bright blanket I mentioned a few posts ago, affectionately nicknamed “Clown Barf”:

It’s the sort of project you know is pretty awful, but you’ve done a lot of work on it so you just keep doing more.  You’ll notice the stripe sizes aren’t consistent; I just worked until I ran out of colors.  And while I confess to buying another skein of green, I could not justify more orange and yellow.  So let’s just acknowledge that my acrylic stash is a little more busted than it was before, and move on.  To this:


I can’t tell if this Space Invaders cowl is coming along nicely or not; it’s my first foray into stranded knitting.  I’ve been advised that the strands on the reverse side should look like they’re too loose, and they do, so I’m hoping the piece will have enough stretch when I’m done.  So far, managing two yarns in one hand has been a bit awkward, but I can do it.

And, lest it seems I’ve forgotten all about my beadwork, I’m still plugging away at the purple beaded crochet rope, which is growing longer and longer.  I’m also reading three books on craft business advice at once; every week I take on a topic and read what each has to say.  Honestly, the whole idea of trying to make a go at this is terrifying.  Perhaps that’s why I’ve stalled all summer.  Still, with every artisan shop I visit, craft fair I peruse, book I read, and Etsy shop I study, I get a bit closer to understanding what to do–and what not to do.  It may be a more artsy and free-spirited thing to just create a bunch of stuff and plunge in, but I prefer a realistic approach. So far, I’m not creating anything a factory in China couldn’t do (and probably is doing right now) for a fraction of the cost.  So . . . Phase I of my plan is to spend the rest of the year continuing this research and creating new things, developing a practice.  Come January . . . well . . . I will have formulated some next steps by then.


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