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I Think I Yarn Bombed My Clock

After changing the battery one day, I hung my wall clock back up, the nail fell out of the wall, and this happened:

Pretty busted up, but it still works.  I didn’t know what I should do about it until I saw the knitted clock cover over at Retrobaby.  About the same time, I rediscovered the awful, awful rainbow-colored Red Heart Super Saver yarn that’s been in my stash since, oh, 1987.  Only it seemed to have gone from awful back to the awesome I originally thought it was.  Well, I’m still not sure, but it looks much better in crochet than in knitted garter stitch, so I went with that.  To fill out the missing piece of rim, I used a little cardboard (pictured) and bits of black rag for stuffing (not pictured):

The crochet rim is held on in front by a round of snug single crochet (this was the most awkward part, as it in involved holding the hook upside-down (for me) while keeping the piece on the clock itself:

The back is snugged up with a piece of scrap yarn worked through the edge here and there like a drawstring.  Instead of finishing it off, I left that string in a bow.  This way I can remove the cover and wash the dust off from time to time.
And here’s my “new” clock!




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