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A Ring and a Rope

Advanced class has come to an end again!  The next one (with emphasis on fold forming, yay!) won’t start for a couple weeks yet. Meanwhile, here’s the last few things I worked on.

I haven’t made a basic 20 gauge ring since beginner’s class, so I thought I’d try it again for quick fun. Perhaps I’ll make a series of skinny stack rings.

cross peen ringThis was textured with a cross peen (a hammer I’d really like to own, if I could find one that costs less than SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS.) It’s funny how easy it was this time around to cut and shape and sand and buff it.  I even had no trouble hiding the solder join.  It’s also funny that I’ve come to realize how flimsy a 20 gauge sheet ring really is.  Nice for a starter project, but perhaps I’ll start making rings out of thicker material.

The other thing I worked on this week is a beaded crochet lariat I’ve been picking at on and off since . . . well, since about the time I started this blog two years ago.


It’s about the length I want now, but I don’t know how I want to finish the ends.  I can’t seem to find bead caps and cones in an appropriate size, and I don’t know if I want danglies. Perhaps I can learn how to do something interesting in fold forming class for this.

Oh yes, and couple weeks ago, I was talking about my difficulties with wire wrapping stones in class.  My teacher dug up some 16 gauge practice copper and–seriously–knocked this right out.


Actually, she did the wrap part, and I did the bail and decorative ends.   It was a quick and dirty demo, with lots of tool bite marks and a slightly crooked stone set.  It was useful to see, but I’m a bit more concerned with how to do something fancier, like this basketweave I attempted recently:

basketwrapfailThis is loosely based on something I saw on Pinterest (“prongs” made of loops), but I had a hard time shaping this.  Plus, the prongs don’t really hold the lentil bead in place.  I tied up the bail anyway, thinking perhaps I can put something else on it–either some decorative wire work on the front and back, or some kind of other bead(s) inside.  I guess I could have just strung this bead on a headpin to keep it in place.  Anyway, it’s not going anywhere, and I’ll figure something out eventually.

Also, I got busy making little corner protectors for my copper suitcase.  I learned that I’d best use headpins to rivet them on, since I probably won’t have enough room inside to hammer the rivets down.  Glad I asked about that, because I hadn’t considered it.  I might start working on that soon, although it seems tedious as hell.  A little at a time should do the trick, I suppose.

But first–I made more copper discs, and I’m ready to use some of them! Stay tuned.



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Nothing Much

On Monday, I made a pendant in class, but I don’t think I’ll be posting a picture on the off chance that the person who I’m giving it to for Christmas might see it.  Let’s just say it’s yet another cabochon bezel set onto a flat piece of silver with some stamping on it.  Boy, I’m getting tired of that.  Learned a good trick for getting the stone in when it turns out the bezel is just too slightly small: put a dowel on the stone and tap it with a mallet.  Do this on a wooden surface; the wood is likely to give before the stone breaks, and don’t try this with a soft stone like an opal or something.

The other thing I did in class was to anneal my brass anticlastic cuff (making it even more coppery; a superpickle solution would get it back to yellow) and whang it some more on the plastic shaping doohickey.  I whanged it against a ring mandrel, too, to even out a few spots.  An interesting trick, but you have to pay attention to where on the mandrel you’re doing it, to keep it consistent.  In the end, I got this:

anticlasticpractice1Not bad, but a touch too small for me to actually wear comfortably.  I thought a six-inch piece would be too large; perhaps I should have considered how the shape would affect size.  Anyway, I hate to keep buying stuff, but if I can get my hands on some 18 gauge brass, I’d love to try this again and make a really good one.

I haven’t worked on much jewelry at home, except for a beaded crochet spiral I started last year but has become repetitive and tiresome.  Beautiful, though.  I thought I had a picture of it, but I don’t.  It’s going to be a lariat-type necklace, with a loose knot in it, and something interesting on the ends, if I can figure out what.

And finally, I’ve made enough progress on my mystery hat that you can see what it’s going to be!



You’ve haven’t seen the piece de resistance yet, though.  It’s gonna be great.


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Completing the Circle

Well, I said I’d get back to work on jewelry, and so I have.  I’d been avoiding the join part of these beaded crochet bracelets for months, and today I sat down with the instructions and a bit of patience.

That giant magnifying lamp to the right, by the way?  My favorite tool ever.  Eyestrain is not my friend, but this lamp is!  I may crochet a dust cover for the lens in the near future.  Maybe I’ll use the leftover green from my yoda hat, and felt it!

But I digress.  I finished two, and that blue size 8 bead tube in the middle there is going to need some cones and a clasp, as soon as I pick out something good from my stash.

One more thing in the works:  I’ve taken apart the sweater I mentioned last time.  This does seem a shame, as some kid or lady in India or China probably spent hours stitching it and made fifty cents for his/her trouble, but it was truly in unwearable condition.  I started making the crown of the hat just to see how well this yarn works up.  Well, it doesn’t work up very well.  The yarn is, of course, all crinkled up.  It’s also very fine and brittle and the four plies are all at odds with each other.  I’ll probably have to use the stained part eventually, which means maybe I’ll end up dyeing the whole thing with coffee or tea for a nice taupe color. And, since nobody on Ravelry seems crazy enough to make a sun hat with anything but sport or worsted weight yarn, I’m on my own for a pattern.  Eh, I like a challenge.

Other projects on the proverbial backburner (you can ignore this part–it’s more of a note-to-self):

  • tassel necklace with lucky cat focal bead
  • mala bracelets with guru beads (what on earth cord can get through those tiny holes?!)
  • stashbusting blue blanket–find a pattern online
  • Gretel tam from the SnB book
  • finish that neckline on the Tulip Top (that’s a nice, portable knit night project)
  • extend shiny purple beaded crochet spiral (made back in April) into a lariat-style necklace
  • kitty-shaped pillow in taupe and gray stash yarn (use leftover bit of foam inside, too!)
  • Hermione socks with purple yarn from Kristi

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