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Bootie bootie bootie hey


Behold my latest pair of Simple Baby Booties, this time for a sort-of-coworker-in-the-main-office who just had a baby boy.  It’s a super easy and adorable pattern, and the only real mistake I made was to pop these off in the mail before making sure I had a good picture, so sorry about that.

In other news, I am borderline sick with whatever sinus-y malady that has kept my husband in bed for the past two weeks, and not up to much of anything, although I may go knit on the couch now. I hope to have some jewelry to show soon, because I dragged my headache-y self to class a couple nights ago and nearly finished up a bracelet, and cast a clump of rings.

Jeez I wish I felt better.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend.

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Well, my niece just had her baby, a little girl named Evelyn Anne. I’d been working on-and-off on a sweater for her in a six-months size (approximately) and decided I’d better get it done because it seems a touch small and I’m terrible at baby sizes anyway. Because I still have a lot of Red Heart Unforgettable yarn left, I also threw in a pair of booties in my favorite go-to bootie pattern, Simple Baby Booties by Jessica Felton:


technobootiesIt’s all sort of crazy but she’s a cute baby and I think she could pull off such a vibrant colorway.

In other news, I’ve taken up drawing/sketching/designing again after at least six years of not really doing that at all. Mostly I’m just interested in playing around with color and pattern ideas, and getting into a mindset where I can design my own jewelry instead of picking up a little of this and a little of that from things on Pinterest. I’m not doing anything great (which is beside the point, really) but the cat sure is interested in hanging around.

sketchingwithlaoThis is what you do instead of feeding me?

Other than that, I’ve been making it a point to sit down at my jewelry bench every day. I’m making some rivets and also experimenting with my tube-cutting jig, which makes 45 and 60 degree cuts. Hmm. I found three old silver rings I bought in the 90s; they were always a bit too big and I used to wrap rubber bands around them to keep them on. I cut out a segment of each band and will be soldering them together again–because I can now, and why not get the practice? Otherwise, I’m tempted to just melt them down. They do appear to be solid sterling, but it is true that you never can tell if something you got at the mall or a street fair truly is, so maybe it’s best not to add that metal to any casting I’m about to do.

Cuttlefish casting tonight! I’ve got a pattern all made up, a nice simple one. Let’s hope I’m not total crap at carving, which was never my strong suit.


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Baby Pants!

After working on it for a couple weeks (and having to re-do the bindoff of the cuffs because I had it all wrong) I’m tired of looking at this Turtle Butt.  So I’ll just put them on my stuffed cat to make the picture more interesting.

catinpantsSince I have plenty of leftover yarn (maybe half a skein of each color), I decided this is a good time to finally make something from Hansi Singh’s Amigurumi Knits, a book I received for Christmas just before learning to knit three years ago.  It’s definitely not a beginning knitter’s book–too many different increases and such–but I probably could have managed to try a pattern sooner.  Anyway, I’m getting through the Loch Ness Monster pattern rather well.  Nessie’s going to be so cute when she’s done!

nessiestartIf there’s anything left when I’m done, it’s coaster and/or mug cozy time!  There’s nothing like wool for keeping your coffee from getting cold too quickly.



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What Up, February?

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting year so far.  First I got the flu, then my husband got it, my older cat’s intestines stopped working properly (I’ll spare the details), and I had a heap of trouble adjusting to a new pair of glasses, which were only trying to correct an astigmatism in one eye which nobody bothered to tell me about until I had come back twice.  Anyway.  I’m making excuses, obviously.  I haven’t been making much jewelry, but I did do a bit of wire practice last night on this ongoing piece:

wire practiceI don’t think this is going to be anything; to me it’s the equivalent of a sketch, or a sampler. I’m having a hard time wrapping around small areas and not kinking the wire, which causes breakage.  Today I’m going to look up some videos on YouTube and see if I can pick up any good advice.

The other thing on my plate is this turtle butt, a pattern I’ve grown heartily sick of.  It’s by request of a pregnant friend, so what the hey.  I’ve only got the leghole ribbing and tie to go.



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Felt or Do Not Felt; There is No Try

Hah!  Three runs in the wash (1. added to normal laundry; 2. added to normal laundry with washing soda; 3. washed by itself on an aggressive cycle with washing soda–bing!) and I finally got this thing to felt nicely.

And now that I’m out of presents and upcoming babies and all that to knit for, I really ought to turn my attention back to beading.

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