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I Could Chuck it all in the Recycle Bin . . .

. . . because it’s aluminum!  Yes, I fiddled with some 16 gauge aluminum craft wire, my pliers, and a chasing hammer today.  It was a learning experience.

spiral link practiceI’m thinking of wiring a bunch of these spirals together for a bracelet, but I’m stuck for clasp ideas right now.

When I tired of that, I got out the 12-gauge and made the most basic cuff bracelet known to mankind.  I may dress it up with beads at some point.

aluminumjunkOnce I get some copper wire, I’m going to try making a fibula (pin) that will probably look good with a knitted shawl.  I’m looking forward to working with a harder metal.  This was fun and all, but all these aluminum bits remind me of nothing so much as pop can tabs.



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