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When QBert was Q*Bert and Asterisks in Search Terms Weren’t a Thing

I started–and soon abandoned–a stashbust crazy quilt style knit blanket three years ago. This week, I decided to pick up the needles (and acrylic yarn!) again and get to work on something I always wanted to do.


Intarsia is not my favorite thing, and the instructions I’d been trying were troublesome as far as adding new threads goes. With the help of some better YouTube videos, I got off to a new start last weekend and had my Q*Bert square made in a jiffy. Or, almost a jiffy. I screwed up a few times and had to re-do some rows (reading charts is also not my favorite thing), and managing all those yarns–ugh.

scrapghan2Mother of God.

Yeah, weaving in all those ends took an entire two-hour knit night with the group, and I didn’t even notice until then that I had somehow carried one of the orange yarns from Q*Bert’s butt to the top of his head instead of adding in a new yarn. Or did I? I tried to follow the yarn to see if it was just an end I mistakenly wove in the wrong place, but I don’t think so. More to the point, I’m past caring. I don’t think I’ll continue with intarsia unless it’s for some brief detail with two or three bobbins at most.

And now that I’m done with socks for a while, as I’ve said before, maybe I’ll get back on this afghan and make more squares. I’m nervous about the reverse side, though. Maybe I’ll use the bajillion skeins of black and white that I have to make a backing afghan and just stitch them together back to back or something, because most of the squares I’m doing definitely have a wrong side nobody needs to see.


And just how I’m going to get all these different squares stitched together nicely is .. . a project for another day.


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With the Lights Out it’s Less Dangerous


Here’s something I finished recently. I crocheted this mini afghan on a car trip because I’ve been thinking that knitting in the passenger seat is probably dangerous in case of an accident and all. Don’t know if a hook is much better than a bunch of pointy sticks, but I suppose there’d be less chance of airbag trouble.

Anyway, most of knitting group was a bit too young to get what I was doing here. (That’s ok; I have absolutely no idea why that stupidass Full House reunion was such a big deal to them.) If you were of A Certain Age in 1991, there’s a special place in your Nostalgia Sack for this.

Also, you can’t beat a good pun like Kurt Crochetin.’


(I have no idea if this is Photoshopped or not. But probably.)

Coming soon: a project for the State Fair. Which I have to finish soon. Oh God why did I agree to this.

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Last Sock of the Year


And so the Year of the Sock draws to a close. I made 10 pairs, not the hoped-for 12, and actually I only have 9 because the pair above was a do-over because this pair never did fit quite right:


I still have a few skeins of sock yarn in my stash, and could keep going–I do have some intriguing patterns that I haven’t tried yet–but for now I want to get back to my “crazy quilt” knitted stashbushter. I started it probably two years ago and set it aside with maybe five or six squares done.

sampler squares

twiningtreesAnd these appear to be all the photographs I have of them right now.

So, onward! There’s a particular intarsia square I’d like to make, but it’ll probably take me forever . . .

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Well, That was Fun

And now I’m done with this stashbuster.


If I can ever find more yellow and brown (I just found out this yarn has been discontinued) I may be able to extend it somewhat. As it is, I really like it on my rocking chair.

In other news, I’ve signed up for another jewelry class this fall!  I’ve got mixed feelings about it, because my teacher has cut back her schedule quite a bit, and she won’t even be teaching an advanced class this fall. The session I signed up for is going to be open studio–no instructor at all. I’ll miss the help, but on the other hand, I can practice and strengthen the skills I already have. And, the class fee is way way less expensive than usual (even less expensive than if I’d just gone in on my own and rented studio time.) So, I’ll make what I can of it. It won’t start until the end of the month, so I’ll have time to work at home on the parts I can and be ready to work with the equipment I don’t have at home when the time comes.


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Summer Stashbust (Air Conditioning Required)

Thought I’d check in to show my progress on the stashbuster mini-afghan I’m making with what’s left of my NaturallyCaron.com Country yarn:

diamondblanketPretty neat, isn’t it? This is the Multi-Colored Afghan by Yvonne R (although I guess the general idea is so popular and common it’s practically a folk pattern, like the granny square afghan.) I made it considerably smaller because I didn’t think I had enough yarn for a large blanket. I’d hoped to be able to make this square, at least. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but if it becomes big enough to nicely cover the seat cushion on this rocking chair, I will be very very happy.

And when that’s done, I promise I’ll get back to the Kayleen Pullover. I may even be happy about it.


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I Hate You, Sweater

Still making slow progress on the Kayleen Pullover, though I’ve grown to hate the thing. It’s tedious and boring and the worsted weight cotton moves so sluggishly on size 6 needles (last time I made a sweater with this yarn, I used 10s and it was no problem.) Here’s how it looks now, though I still have an inch to go before the interesting detail stuff starts to happen.


(Little thing learned the hard way: don’t join a new yarn on the reverse stockinette side; it’ll make a lump.)

I didn’t want to get distracted by other patterns while I was working on this one, but I need a break desperately. By happy coincidence, a certain crochet pattern appeared on the front page of Ravelry, and I knew what my next stashbust had to be. It’s unusual in that it involves breaking the yarn to make fringe after every row; this is nice because (1) no ends to weave in, yay! and (2) it’ll be great for all the scraps and mini-balls I have left in NaturallyCaron.com Naturally Country, which was one of my favorite yarns a few years ago.


Here’s what I have so far. The Vs are going to be diamonds as I progress. I like it so much I might just have to buy more yarn (a hazard of making stashbusters out of regular, non-random color patterns.)

Here’s the free pattern.


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2011 Called; It Wants its Joke Back

I’ve been out of town again, and it feels like I’ve returned to a dozen half-finished projects and no time to really mess with any of them.  I did, however, take this Sunday morning to finish up a novelty project I’d hoped to have done by Halloween.  Oh well–turns out my Halloween was spent driving around in Mississippi in some pretty heavy rain.  Anyway, after making the rainbow-maned unicorn hat for my friend Sarah, I started thinking about other rainbow projects to use my stash on.  And then this happened:

nyanblanket1If you’re not familiar with the cute/obnoxious (pick one) Nyan Cat video, take a look. I’ve been thinking about it since my own Lao bears a passing resemblance to the Pop Tart-wearing kitty.

IMG_3422This blanket is going to go on his kitty bed; perhaps I should have made him an actual costume, but dressing up cats would put me into a category of Crazy Cat Lady where I don’t want to go.

Coming soon:  wool mittens, box clasp progress, and a commission.


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