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Shadow Box Jewelry Case



I’ve had a shadow box lying around for maybe five years . . . you know the kind, it’s from a craft store and it has a glass front and magnetic catch, it’s a couple inches deep and you can stash memorabilia in it.  For a while now, I’ve been thinking of making a jewelry display case, and this week I’ve finally gotten around to it!

Quite a few people on Pinterest have simply stuck sewing pins into the white fabric background and hung jewelry that way, but I wanted to take the concept up a notch.  So I got my husband to make an interior framework with some scrap wood, and I found some matboard scraps I could cover with black fabric for the background.


The wood piece fit so well that painting it black actually made it too tight, so I had to sand down the edges (oops.) Then I drilled small holes for all the hooks, and twisted those in. (Side note: after wrestling with drilling metal all this time, drilling wood is super easy and awesome.)

Now that it’s done, I wish I’d realized the center row of hooks would have been better higher up (I have far more necklaces than bracelets), but live and learn.  I’m happy to be able to see my handmade sparklies every day!


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A Very Viking Christmas

Last year, it was a hinged barn for the niece.  John built it, I painted it.


This year, we got suckered asked to make a Viking ship toy box for the nephew.  John started it back in October, and had it wrapped up with about a week to spare before heading home for the holidays.  I took care of the sail and some of the painting on the dragon.


It’s a pretty solid box, and was built to fit the trunk of our Prius (head and tail added after arrival, and the mast is detachable.)  It opens with sliding doors on top; John almost made it a hinged lid that comes down, but then he heard a horror story from someone whose grandkid slammed a toy box lid onto the fingers of the other grandkid, so he nixed that idea.  I don’t know what else to say about this, as I’m not a carpenter, but if anyone has questions I can pass them along to my husband.  Perhaps, too, these progress shots could be useful.




In other news, I’m still working on a commissioned hat based on the head of this thing. I’ve made a few more simple chemo caps (in soft, appropriate yarn!) but that’s about all.  I haven’t touched any jewelry, although I did get a sweet tube-cutting/filing jig thingy for Christmas, and a nice set of tiny drill bits.  My creativity seems to be taking a winter’s nap, and that’s okay.  I’ll be ready to tap it again in January.  Class starts again mid-month, and meanwhile, I have wire wrapping to practice and rivets to attempt.



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