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There’s No Decision I Won’t Second-Guess . . .

Remember my work in progress–the Space Invaders cowl?  Well, it’s a hat.



I was about 3/4 done with the cowl when I lamented to my knitting group that I wished I’d made it a hat.  Somebody thought I WAS making a hat.  So I stuck it on my head to see, and it worked.  I’d have liked the band to be more narrow, though.  I hear there’s a way to cut your cast-on stitches off and pull back to where you want to be, but I’m too scared at this time.  It fits well enough, and it’s going to be really nice and warm for winter with all the extra strands inside.

Last week I decided to put a macrame book to use, since I bought it a while ago and it’s just been sitting there.  I’m just playing around with some seed beads and (probably not a good choice, in retrospect) some fine Omega nylon cord in my stash, trying to make one of the simplest projects in the book.

Macrame is way fussier than I anticipated.  It doesn’t help that I don’t have proper bobbins for my six-foot lengths of beaded cord.

Everything slips off these plastic tubes after just a few passes over and under and around and whatever you’re supposed to do!  I think I would be enjoying this much more if it was crochet.  But, I’ll keep at it.  The work is supposed to be twisting, but it’s not.  I’m guessing that’s due to my choice of cord.  Perhaps when it’s done I can make it wind around.




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