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For the Knit & Crochet Curious

This is a crocheted dishcloth.


When handmade dishcloths got popular around the fiber community a couple years ago, I thought they were an absurd trend, a complete waste of time.  Then I started learning how to knit.  And you know what?  This is the perfect starter project for someone new to knitting–or crochet.  People get the idea that scarves are good to start with, but scarves can be repetitive, boring, and if you make mistakes (and you will) nobody will want to wear them.  But dishcloths are short and sweet.  You can make them out of inexpensive cotton (Sugar & Cream is a popular, easy-to-find choice), and if you screw up a row, who cares? You can still use them to wipe your dishes with; they do a great job at that, no matter how they look.  My dishcloths actually get more use than anything I’ve ever made by hand, and it’s a pleasure to do so.

This particular cloth is made from a few half-balls of cotton yarn in my stash; I’m still trying to get that down, and having bought more yarn at Stitches Midwest has me feeling a bit guilty.  But not to fear!  This cloth has given me a great idea, because it’s a small piece made from a bobble stitch pattern I’d never tried before, but enjoyed.  Why don’t I get to work on a sampler afghan with all my worsted weight acrylic scraps?  I could do all the stitch patterns in the Harmony Guide, except maybe the lacy ones, because I don’t want big holes in my blanket.  I can even work a few motifs I’ve favorited on Ravelry, but never did anything with!  The squares will be portable and easy to work on at knit night; meanwhile, I can save my real creative energy for making jewelry.

So that’s solved.  Also, I just finished my entrelac practice scarf, from cast-on to bind-off!


I always thought entrelac would be very difficult, but it isn’t really.  If you’ve learned enough knitting to be able to k2tog and ssk, you know enough to try this.  Of course, learning to knit backwards is helpful but not necessary. Just throwing that out there if anybody is as intimidated by entrelac as I was.  Don’t forget to cast on loosely, and good luck!

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