I’m Happy, Hope You’re Happy Too

Last weekend I decided to finally work out a pendant idea I had for a long time. It’s not done–I’ve encountered a problem I haven’t figured out how to solve yet–but I did get an unexpected bonus out of it.


Here I am sawing the world’s tiniest David Bowie tribute out of the back of it for fun. The resulting hole wasn’t anything special, but I DID like the tiny tiny lightning bolt cutout, which I immediately decided needed to be sweat soldered onto a bit of silver and made into a pendant.

The sweat soldering went just awesomely. I’ve gotten better at figuring out how much solder to use, and how to chase it around the edge of the top piece when it’s flowing to ensure the proper bond all around. So that made me happy.

bowieshinyShiny is nice, but is it interesting?

Next I installed and closed a jump ring, then polished up the silver disc as much as I could with 3M wheels, and then came the black max.


The black max with ground-off stars (I used a tiny ball bur) is something I confess I saw on Pinterest somewhere. It’s an interesting idea I wanted to try in person. In truth, it’s not the greatest surface treatment: it doesn’t provide a true black, but comes off rather like when you try to cover a white piece of paper with a slightly dried-out old marker (at least on smooth metal; I bet a sandpaper texture from the rolling mill would do better.) It also looks a bit lighter where there’s solder. I like it well enough for this project, which I definitely wanted a little rough, you know, but in future I think this kind of thing really does work best in small, recessed areas where the light won’t really hit–as it was intended for. And indeed, I have earring ideas . . . but for another day.

In the end, the stars are not perfect. They’re not spaced quite as I’d have liked. But they’re random and chaotic. And I love the whole damn thing.


Casting teaser #2: well, here it is out of the casting machine . . .




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