Good Enough

Let’s just pretend I have the ends all weaved in and done.

goodenoughJust like we’re going to pretend I cleaned the cat hair blobs off the doormat before taking the photo.

I’d also like to pretend I had enough blue to finished the patterned area, but I didn’t. That’s okay; these are just around-the-house socks for the winter, and a stashbust to boot. Mostly, I’m just happy I had enough green yarn, because I cut it very close, with only about two feet left in the end.

Now I’m going to leave off the sock-making for a while and get a crocheted mobile done for a friend. The good news is, I only have to crochet the pieces, and she’ll do all the sewing together and finishing.

But right now it’s like summer weather, and yarncraft is just the last thing I feel like doing, so: later!


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