Day 22: KNEEL!

If that wasn’t enough of a clue for you, after (1) movie series and (2) villain, well, I’m ready to reveal the mystery theme of this craft-a-long that inspired me.

glorious1Loki’s Helmet / Horns.

lokiOkay, this isn’t a real movie. But it should be.

The progress picture above was taken just before I tried it on and discovered it didn’t hang quite right–too long–so I took two beads off either side and now it’s a pretty nice collar.


glorious2Yeah, this is what happens when I develop a celebrity crush. Can I have my life back now?

Tonight, I’m back to knitting. Tomorrow, I’m getting things ready for soldering in the studio. And at some point, I should figure out how to post this over at the forum of Hiddlestoners at Ravelry who got me in this mess to begin with.

Quick links to previous posts on this project: here and here.


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