Day 10, 11, 12: And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

All right, I’ve had basement work done and now I’m back online. Like a lot of home repair work, the real devil was the setup beforehand and the cleaning afterward.

sumpBut now I have a new and improved sump pit, a pressure relief system, and a big old patched crack.  Yay, homeownership!

So, during all the jackhammering (oh my God, the jackhammering!) I put on my ear protection, sat upstairs, and worked on my Kayleen Pullover. It’s going a bit better now,and I can tell it hasn’t grown too large, as I’d feared. I’m finding the sides a bit . . . odd, as the pattern calls for putting one knit stitch on either side of the purl front (and one purl stitch on either side of the knit back), thus creating this little ridge along the sides:


It feels like my stitches on the ridge are too large and sloppy, but either I’m getting used to looking at it, or it’s becoming less of a problem as I continue on. I suppose the pattern calls for this for a good reason, so I’ll just go with it.

Wish I could say I had some jewelry to show, but I didn’t realize how much I depend on my anvil until it was tucked away in a corner behind plastic sheeting. Perhaps I ought to invest in a little steel bench block for future use, when I need my projects to be more portable.


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