Half-Finished Projects a-Go-Go

All right. I’m ready to talk about this now.


I finally got that square wire oval to fit neatly around the bezel; now all I had to do was solder it down. No problem, right? Well, I don’t know what’s happened to me, but I seem to have lost the ability to solder because it just wasn’t working. I went in many times–too many, judging by how pitted all the excess solder got–but I could only get a little bit fastened down each time, and the gappy parts were just . . . dirty, actually. In fact, the whole time I was torching, I kept thinking gee, this flux is getting all gray and disgusting–what’s up with that? Did somebody contaminate the flux jar again? I’m embarrassed to say it took probably two hours before I realized the solder pick I’d been using was filthy with oxidized gunk and it kept running onto my piece every time. I’m not positive it was the reason I couldn’t get that join soldered, but I don’t think it helped at all.

So now, because I got angry and stubborn and annoyed, my supposed-to-be-careful project is a mess of solder blorps, a bezel partially soldered to the ring (good luck getting that down on the stone) and a little gap on one side I STILL can’t get down. I let this bother me too much, but it was a lesson learned, and it’s pointing me to a greater truth:  I want my own soldering station at home.  Just for my use, with my own equipment.  I’m going to have to make this happen somehow.

I’ve taken this too hard and gotten too stalled–so I’ve been sitting around knitting and crocheting.  Here’s what I’ve got going on:


Actually, I’ve been sitting on this one because I’m not sure I want to continue.  It’s Sera Lace Top by Doris Chan, a pattern I bought an entire magazine for online (complete with exorbitant S&H charge). This is actually the neck hole you’re looking at (the neckline will be a bit different in the end); the sweater is constructed in the round, top-down.  It’s actually quite clever. My only concern is that I’m using an acrylic yarn that might not have the necessary weight and drape for this to look good, but it’s hard to tell in the beginning.

The other thing I just started–after years of making of fun of the very idea–is a pair of socks.  Socks.  Like I can’t just go to WalMart and buy a pair, as the only remaining non-sock-maker in my knitting group once said. I chose Rye by tincanknits for my starter pattern; it’s a very easy worsted-weight project, which you can find complete with noob-proof tutorials.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:


I’m using some Vickie Howell Sheepish yarn for this. It’s not great, really, but between the two colors I got from my yarn-hoarding* friend last week, I think I have just enough to use it up, and I’m just in it for the learning, anyway.

Not pictured:  I’m also working on a laceweight scarf that’s easy and repetitive enough to do on knit group nights (I tried to photograph it, but it’s just a messy mess unblocked, so I’ll wait.) And, coming soon, I’ll be starting a sweater from the new issue of Interweave Knits that I ordered for download (no exorbitant S&H this time!  HA!) It’s rare for me to find a sweater I like SO much that I’ll buy it, and order yarn, and start it right away, but this is a good one and I look forward to getting going on it.


*Though I must clarify, if you can give it away, you’re not really a hoarder.


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