Mystery Project Complete!

Now, what was that green thing I was getting at last month?  It started out like this:


And then . . .


. . . it got like this . . .


kitthix progress


And finally . . .


. . . after a lot of swearing . . .


. . . and seaming . . .


. . . and stuffing pipe cleaners into narrow channels . . .


. . . it’s . . .


Yeah, you don’t want to see something like that in your bathroom for reals.

It’s the Spider pattern by the incomparable Hansi Singh!  It wasn’t my favorite pattern in Amigurumi Knits, but I took notice of it last year when I went to a members-only open house night at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago (one of my favorite places in the whole wide world). There was a . . . ah, what do you call a spider specialist? Arachnologist? there who was showing off some of the interesting things in her office, like a shed tarantula skin, and a spider stuffie made from this pattern! She was using it to show some kids the various body parts of a spider, and I thought that was awesome because it was a non-scary way of doing that. Also, adorable.

So, I started thinking about getting around to making it, and then I started playing Baldur’s Gate 2, one of my favorite video games, again, and decided on colors based on this:


The happy fellow on the lower right is Kitthix, who can pop out of a black spider figurine once per day and help you fight your enemies. Not the most powerful ally, but I like walking around with a giant spider, what can I say.

So I’ve got a few other knit/crochet projects going on right now, including (finally) my first pair of socks.  I’ll get to talking about that later, as well as my recent misadventures in metalsmithing.


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