Fold Forming Madness

Class started Monday!  We learned how to make leaves, and ruffly edges, and a little thing called a Heistad cup.  This involves a lot of clamping, folding, annealing, and whanging.  And earplugs.  Don’t forget the earplugs.  I think the stained glass group in the next room hated our guts that night.

Anyway, here’s what I managed to do with some hardware store copper sheet:




Bunch of cups + chain = neat rain chain.  Just throwing that out there for future reference.

Note the wild colors!  I didn’t do anything special here; this is the flame patina I got after torching (and a little brass brush work to get the scale off). Next week we’ll be doing some patina experiments (and, apparently, some homework involving household chemicals), so we’ll see what else I can do.

Meanwhile, I’m a bit more excited about some wire work I’m doing at home.  I’ve got a project going on from Contemporary Copper Jewelry, just for the shaping and forging practice, which is going well.  I’m also reading up on wire wrapping stones, and I’ve found some ways that are . . . well . . . much better than what my teacher showed us.  Less likely to pinch and scuff, that’s for sure. And I finally managed to order some square and half-round copper wire in appropriate gauges, so I can save my gold-filled for when I’m better at this.



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