Mystery Project Solved on the Next . . . TALES OF INTEREST!

So, a couple posts ago, I had this:

zoidmysteryWhat could this mystery thing in progress be?

Any guesses?

No clue?

Not a hint?

Scroll down, why not?

minizoid1It’s John [bleeping] Zoidberg from Futurama! In bathing costume, no less.  I’ve always liked the blue and green stripes against his red-orange shell.  In fact, I’d hoped to crochet the body and knit the bathing suit separately, but as you can see, this is a teeny-tiny mini amigurumi (embroidery floss, y’all) and there was just no way.  Not for me, anyway.  Managing a small number of knit stitches in the round is hard enough when using worsted weight yarn; I couldn’t possibly fiddle with needle-thick DPNs here.

If you’re curious about how to do color changes in the round with single crochet, take a look here.  This is the project I learned the technique on some five or six years ago.

While we’re on the subject of knitting/crochet, this week I started learning how to do continental knitting (i.e. holding the yarn in my left hand, not the right.)  It’s still awkward and fiddly, but when I get better at it I want to try doing two-color projects with one yarn in each hand.  Cause I’m hardcore like that.


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