Fun with Fails

I’ve been neglecting my adventures in wire work, and nothing seems to be turning out right anyway.

I thought I’d have a good, simple cage of my own design for this picture stone, but I made some blunders along the way.  Thought I’d make small prongs–well, couldn’t bend them out sideways with pliers!  And when I finally readjusted to make larger prongs, they were inconsistent and I ruined some with nicks from the pliers.  Still, at least I figured out some measurements so I can re-do this.

picstonefailPerhaps I’ll even find a use for the wire I can salvage.

Also this week, I tried to think up a filigree design for a piece of lapis I’ve been holding on to since last summer.  I thought a square wire bezel might be nice, and when we learn setting with prongs, I could put some in the corners.  Alas:

lapisfailI tried to measure the wire the same way we did square bezels in class the other week, completely forgetting a few things I’d read in my Tim McCreight books.  For one, you have to file notches in the corners to make the right angles.  So I did that, but neglected to realize that would add to the measurements; this piece is a touch too small to hold the stone.  (Also, I fiddled with one arm too much and it broke off, as you can see.)  The other thing–and it’s one of those things that I remembered hours later, when I was lying in bed–is that you don’t do it this way with one continuous piece of wire.  You make two bends . . . two pieces, like an L7, and solder them together later.  DUH!

One thing I got right recently was putting my torii pendants on Facebook.  I have two commissions!  All I need do is ask how long they want their cords, and voila!

newtoriiHave to admit, though, I am not impressed with the (admittedly cheap) stone beads I used for this.  They are inconsistently sized, often drilled crookedly, and some are chipped, all of which presented problems (I ordered several strands and tried to pick out the best for these pendants.)  If I use cube beads again, I might go for Swarovski crystals.  They are nothing if not well crafted, and I’m starting to understand the appeal of that.

Practice . . . practice . . . practice . . . like they say . . .





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