Dancing with Mizzy

squareprogressHere’s where I’m at with the square stone project.  I had an idea that I’d make a big square backing, anneal it, curl up the corners, and have a square stone inside a diamond shape.  I was undecided as to exactly how I’d do it, or even if it would work or look any good, so I scrounged up a few scraps of copper from the junk bin and made the piece you see on the right.  My teacher happened along at that moment and suggested I set my stone on top of the corners (I’d been thinking of putting the stone down in the bottom.) Not a bad idea, huh?  It would require making some kind of post or rivet under the stone to keep it in place, plus putting a backing on the bezel (as I’ve done here). I’m not a big fan of making box bezels, where you solder your bezel onto a piece of sheet a little bigger than what you want (to avoid annoying slippage problems) and then cutting away the excess.  It always leaves scuffs and scratches, which I could never quite fix with sanding discs and the buffing wheel alone.

Enter the Mizzy wheel, a grinding attachment for the flex shaft which comes in several different grits and shapes for everything from scraping off material to polishing a piece to a high shine.  You can see how the sides of the bezel box are pretty sweet and shiny right now.  I wish I’d known about this when I was working on my big green aventurine pendant last summer; I guess I’ve learned again that alone time in the studio is great, but having a teacher around can be better.

So, next week, I plan to take that roll-printed square of silver on the left and bend it to the pendant shape I want, and put all the pieces together. Should be interesting.

Meanwhile, I’ve got some wire wrapping and beading projects to catch up on . . . not to mention a long overdue knitting project I’ve been wanting to make.


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