December has been mostly a matter of stashbusting and charity knitting.  I’ve got a few more hats made for Halos of Hope (with softer yarn this time), and one in progress for my father-in-law.  And now, I have at least one commissioned crochet hat to make (a second may soon follow).  I haven’t made much money this year on crafts–not even enough for the IRS to care–but it’s something.  Next year is going to be all about learning business skills; I’ll talk about that later.  For now, I’ll leave a picture of some watchbands I made for my friend Beth.  They’re interchangeable with a time piece that clips to both ends.  They were originally made with jelly cord, which broke near the clasps on both pieces.   I redid one with a stronger jelly cord, and did the other with tiger tail wire; I’m curious to see which lasts longer.  I also threw in a pair of earrings made from some extra beads she’d thrown in but didn’t fit.  It’s kind of a game . . . she gave me more money than I asked for; I made her more stuff than she asked for.

watchbandsI’ve got one more thing to show before the year is out, but I ought to wait until after Christmas.  Remember the barn my husband made last year, which I painted?  We’ve made something else for the niece and nephew.  We’re either the Cool Aunt and Uncle, or the Crazy Aunt and Uncle.  Time will tell.



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