November Knits and Sparklies

I rather enjoyed getting away from the blog for a while, but now I have a lot to catch up on.  So, without further ado . . .



These mittens were a car trip project.  They’re easy and fun, and done in the round, but alas I forgot to bring my double-pointed needles, so I decided to just make them flat.  They came out well, but I don’t care for the seams too much; I should have added an extra stitch to each side for a better seam.

halosThree hats for Halos of Hope so far!  My goal is to make five by the end of the year, but the rest of the yarn in my acrylic stash is . . . not great, and I think wool would make an itchy hat, especially for someone who has lost hair.  Maybe I can use certain scraps to make a really stripey one.  Anyway, the yellow one in back is improvised, the pattern for the striped one is here, and the entrelac is this. (I linked that last one to my own Ravelry project page because I made some notes on the final tier, which was incorrectly written in the free pattern.  I shouldn’t complain about free patterns, but something really grinds my gears when a pattern writer tells you to stop and pay careful attention to the rest of the instructions, and then botches them completely, because I guess she wasn’t paying attention to writing them.)

There are a couple things I could show from my efforts in jewelry class, but I’ll wait until the final polishing. Suffice it to say, the box clasp worked out, my art deco pendant is only in need of a chain (I’ll make it soon!), and my copper box . . . oh the copper box.  It’s going to take a lot more time than I anticipated.  This one hinge–and I need two–took an entire class period to fabricate successfully.  But I did it!

hinge1This thing is pretty darn small, but the first version I tried was smaller.  I just couldn’t do it, though.  You have to have all three knuckles (tubing bits) lined up on a pencil lead (or steel pin) during soldering, even though you only solder one side at a time (i.e. solder the first and third knuckles to the copper rectangle on the left; pickle, etc; then solder the middle one to the plate on the right).  The trick is not to let the solder flow onto any knuckle you don’t want to solder, or the hinge will be frozen and won’t work.  Yellow ochre on the piece you don’t want soldered helps, but as I said, this is a very small piece and it takes a careful touch.

One more thing:  some seed bead earrings my friend/favorite customer Beth wanted me to make:



I’ve grown to loathe seed beads because they’re tiny and fussy and always getting dropped on the floor, but I was glad to use up some of my stash.  Now I have a chunky bead bracelet she wants me to make for her with the beads from a broken watch band.  I’d say that should be an easy one, but I’ve learned better than to tempt fate like that.




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