Fall classes started last night.  It’s a full house (ten students) and most of them are brilliant and experienced.  Instructor says we’ve all “been to the rodeo” but I feel like the rodeo’s new clown. It was good to have had that summer session where I could relax and practice my new skills like a kid at art camp, because now we’re looking at hinges, rivets, and other mechanisms like box clasps (the one thing we are being asked to try our hands at).

Meanwhile, I’m still finishing up this sad piece of work.

mrpointy2I sanded/filed down the edge of the stone enough to get it to fit, but brought it in to class unset just to make sure one last time that there wasn’t something I could do about that stupid rusty gouge you can still see.  Well, I could have superpickled it, but it was pointed out to me that when I patina this, it most likely won’t show anyway. Hmmm.  So.  Set the damn thing, ruffled the edges with some round-nose pliers (with tape to prevent marring), and stuck it in the tumbler until the end of class (still needs more tumbling . . . or does it matter if I’m going to oxidize it?)  I don’t know if I’m going to give it to my mother in law after all.  My husband thinks she would like a tree of life pendant anyway.

So, just in case I wasn’t already awash in self-pity and anxiety, I came home and finally tried my hand at the Dianna shawl I’ve been wanting to make for ages, but needed to learn a lot of new skills for first.

diannapracticePractice yarn.  Hey, there’s a good idea.

Took some doing, but I think I understand the stitch chart and how to properly yarn over for each situation (you have to see what the next stitch will be, or so it seems).  Learned the loop cast on, but I think there’s a problem there.  I’ll have to do more research, because I don’t seem to be ending the square in the right place/on the correct side to properly add on the next.  (I left off the last row of purl stitches to start the second square in the pic above.) Maybe when you loop cast on, it’s unstated that you then make a row of knit stitch . . . I already know that the first row of this pattern is the wrong/purl side, which does not go with the loop cast on (it goes with the twisted loop cast on, apparently).  Eh, I’ll get it eventually.  But today I think I need a project that will lift my spirits a bit instead.



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