Fabulous or Cray-Cray?

I did indeed finish this practice ring, but I don’t know if I really like it.


Note the wire wrapper’s notch in my thumbnail.  Been getting a lot of those.

It probably would look better with a smaller bead (and bead caps).  The coils could have been bigger, done in 24 gauge wire instead of 26, too, although I don’t know how much harder that would have made it to shape.  As it is, I might have fun wearing it as a big, crazy ring.  Oh yes, and my bookend did make a passable mandrel substitute:


The tape lets me know where the size I want is.  I used another ring to find that place.

I’ll say one thing about the instructions (this is from Weave Wrap Coil):  you’re supposed to clip the 26 gauge wire at the end where it touches the bead cap, and leave some extra wire hanging on the other end until a couple more steps down the line.  Don’t.  Reverse it.  There’s no need for extra at the far ends (unless, maybe, you end up with your ends a bit uneven and need to wrap a few more times on one side or the other).  As you can see in this picture, however, the process of bending it into a band will expose some guide wire near your bead caps.  If this can be avoided, I don’t know how.  Have a couple inches of wire on those ends so you can cover that up and snug it up nice against the caps before cutting.

I also finished the basketweave cuff, which I like rather well.

basketweavecuffYou can’t see it, but I made some nasty scuffs down to the bare copper on some of those end loops.  I’ve decided that if–no, when, dammit–I go pro, I’m only going to use full copper and sterling wires.  No more of this crafty stuff, no more silver plate or silver finish.  Silver filled, maybe.  Gold filled, probably.  But this?  Practice projects only.



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