Half-Finished Projects a-Go-Go

I’ve been having this feeling that I need to sit down at my beading desk more often and make some basic things again.  Get in the habit, deal with the frustration(s), design new projects, use up old beads.  So today I got busy with some beautiful glass beads I bought from a local bead store last year:

glassbeadsandwireThe beads have a sort of odd fire polish to them, with a smudgy blue around the ends.  Unfortunately I don’t know what to do next; I’d like to make a neck chain but don’t have enough.  I’m weighing some options with spacers or other beads or wire work, so no worries.  I’ll get it eventually.

This week I also started a project idea I sketched up some time ago, involving a broken heart:

brokenheart1My original idea was to punch holes all around the heart and wire it up to the frame; I also wanted to “mend” the heart with some dark wire stitches.  Now I’m not sure.  Maybe I should just solder the heart to something.  It’s copper, by the way.  I stuck it in the oven hoping to turn it red, but it got sort of dull silver, with a bit of red around the edges.  What is it with me and copper lately?  I can’t get it red again.

Finally, my Halloween hat.  It’s not exactly taking shape yet, but I’ve made good progress on all the pieces.





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