From Pumpkin to Pecan

I thought I should finish up the toilet paper ball project (“Dreaming of Pumpkins” from Spotlight on Wire), so here we go.

Here’s how I wrapped it, using a lot of random twists and turns with two different gauges of wire.  I must admit, I like it more than I thought I would.  Especially the kinks in the 24 gauge wire:

pecan progressAfter soaking it in hot water and poking out the t.p. bits (with, of all things, the blade of a jack-o-lantern carver) I had this little cutie, whose shape reminds me of a pecan:

pecanfinalYep, that green stone was in there all along!  Pretty neat, huh?

I’d also like to note that I took a hammer and some pliers to the ends of the peach-pit-looking pendant from yesterday, and gave it a touch more whimsy.

pumpkinfinalI think that’ll be it for wire projects for now.  I want to make some decisions on what to bezel for our last class on Wednesday, and prepare whatever parts I can in advance.  I’m thinking about a green aventurine bracelet . . . or a wee stack ring with my faux opal . . . or . . . or . . . or . . .


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