What Up, February?

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting year so far.  First I got the flu, then my husband got it, my older cat’s intestines stopped working properly (I’ll spare the details), and I had a heap of trouble adjusting to a new pair of glasses, which were only trying to correct an astigmatism in one eye which nobody bothered to tell me about until I had come back twice.  Anyway.  I’m making excuses, obviously.  I haven’t been making much jewelry, but I did do a bit of wire practice last night on this ongoing piece:

wire practiceI don’t think this is going to be anything; to me it’s the equivalent of a sketch, or a sampler. I’m having a hard time wrapping around small areas and not kinking the wire, which causes breakage.  Today I’m going to look up some videos on YouTube and see if I can pick up any good advice.

The other thing on my plate is this turtle butt, a pattern I’ve grown heartily sick of.  It’s by request of a pregnant friend, so what the hey.  I’ve only got the leghole ribbing and tie to go.




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