Night of a Thousand Earrings!

Okay, three pairs.  But it felt like a thousand!

Last night, after reading some forum posts here and there about plated components and their tendency to tarnish or wear away, I started thinking about the silver plated pewter components in my stash.  I do know that the clasp I used on my beaded crochet spiral bracelet has already started to tarnish.  So I decided to make some various earrings for myself (like I needed an excuse) and see how they hold up to wear.

I should also note that today, January 14, 2013, is the day I finally admit that my ol’ go-to camera–a Kodak EasyShare purchased in 2007–is inadequate to the task of photographing jewelry.  And it’s also true that the lighting I have available in my basement isn’t good enough either.  So I am making it a priority to learn how to use our Canon, and I’m going to need a light stand or something comparable.  Meanwhile, I have this:



First up, I had two promo quality (cheapish stone beads sold in bulk that may have serious flaws, hence the price) green aventurine beads that were chipped at one hole end.  This is a job for bead caps!  So I’m trying out these copper finish pewter ones:

greenavearringsoldcamThat’s an old camera shot, by the way.  This next pair is a set of silver plated pewter lotus charms and Swarovski pearls (yeah, Swarovski makes “pearls” now.  Nice quality, gotta admit.)  I used some surgical steel hooks on these.  They may not be as pretty, but I really dislike how silver tends to leave black marks around your earring holes.  I was able to at least get good detail on the charms with the new camera here:

lotusearringsnewcamAnd these are composed entirely of crap from my stash and were made just for fun.  I got the dark purple glass fish beads years ago (Blue Moon Beads, I think), and the bits of chain are from a junk necklace my grandmother gave me (I’m still amazed how well costume jewelry from back then holds up compared to the junk you can buy now).

purplefishearnewcamSo, that was a fun evening well spent.  And tonight’s takeaways:

  • study up on photography (and join local photography club?)
  • I need to practice basic wire loop techniques with some junk wire and plastic beads
  • make something every day, even if it’s just 15 minutes.  The creative mood boost is incredible!





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